Our Drop Shipping method is created for resellers who have clients from all over the world. This means that we as the supplier we ship directly from our factory in China your order/s to your client/s on your behalf.

Note: We do NOT state any kind of information in the packages about where the items are coming from.
The advantages of Drop Shipping services are with only $ 30.00 USD per destination you deliver your clients their orders and within a competitive time frame.
Furthermore, Drop Shipping opportunity works within our wholesale price. In order to benefit from our Drop Shipping services, first we need to accept prepayment (minimum $ 500.00 USD) that will be credited in your account with us.
If you became a member of our store, each time you make a drop shipping order, the amount will be deducted from your account. You may monitor all your activities and credits through your member account at .
Order Processing Time:

Orders received on Monday to Saturday are processed within 24 hours;

Orders received on Sunday are processed on Monday.
We ship to all required destination, with no constraints.
We guarantee 100% pass through customs worldwide!
FAQ about drop shipping
Drop shipping allows you to enjoy the benefits of wholesale pricing without having to order items all at once. You can order items one at a time and pay the wholesale price plus a $30 drop shipping fee and the item will be shipped directly to your customers door via express guaranteed delivery.
What is the benefit?

  That is simple. The more free time you have the more sales you can make. By freeing your resources that are generally spent packing and shipping merchandise, you will be able to increase your sales. The best part is, your customer will never know that the items did not come directly from you. We also will have absolutely no contact with your buyer so you need not worry about that.
How do I participate in the drop shipping program?

   A deposit of $500 is all that is required to begin participating in the drop shipping program. This insures that you are serious about drop shipping our products and not simply trying to get only one bag at our wholesale prices. Each time your place an order, we will deduct that order from your deposit. When your deposit becomes too low to accommodate your order, simply refill your deposit amount.
How do I place an order with my drop shipping account?

  Once you start the drop shipping program, we will provide you with a drop shipping account number. When you order, you will order directly from our website using the same form as you would to place a large order. The only difference is, you will fill in your drop shipping account number as well as the item that you would like to order. We will notify you of your account number after ever order so that you know when you will need to replenish your account.